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LALIA picnic & practice

Sunday 22/08 - we will meet at Volkspark Friedrichshain, Berlin for a picnic and free practice for all levels, in German.

16:34 , 14/Aug/2021

Let's meet! All invited - whether if you're new to LALIA, currently taking a course or a past student.
On Sunday 22/08 we will gather for a picnic at Volkspark Friedrichshain in Berlin to practice get to know each other and practice German freely. Finally, we will get to know the people behind the screens: Fellow LALIA learners, teachers and staff. You will get the chance to practice freely with learners from different levels, speak with teachers in person and mainly, enjoy the opportunity to get together and meet new friends in German.
When? Sunday 22/08 at 17:00
Where? Volkspark Friedrichshain - Duftgarten.
What? We will be socializing auf Deutsch. Please bring snacks or a drink!
Friends, partners and children are warmly invited
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