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LALIA x BB Tours: Moabit

Einen Kiez kennenlernen: Moabit. Walking City Tours for German Learners

18:46 , 24/Nov/2021

Explore Berlin while practising your German!
Beyond and Beneath Tours has teamed up with LALIA to offer exciting historical tours in accessible German. Come with us as we dive into Berlin´s history and practise your German in a fun, relaxed and interactive setting.

On this tour we´ll explore hidden corners of Moabit and the fascinating stories of crime, punishment and resistance that have shaped the area.It will take place on Saturday November 27, aimed at novice - intermediate-low learners, yet open for learners of all levels!

WHAT: “Einen Kiez kennenlernen: Moabit”, a walking tour for German learners.
WHERE: Moabit, Berlin.
WHEN: Saturday, Nov. 27, 2PM
WHO: This walk is designed for learners at the novice and intermediate levels, but all learners can join.
The tour is great stuff and open for everyone: Past learners, present students, friends, teachers and curious expats are all welcome!
After the walk we will continue to a local Café for some further chatting auf Deutsch.
We are excited to meet you there!