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LALIA x BB Tours: Walking Tours for German Learners - Einen Kiez kennenlernen: Hansaviertel

20:04 , 22/Apr/2022

The sun is out, and “LALIA x BB Tours Walking Tours for German Learners” are back! Grab a pair of sunglasses and join our fun and relaxed historical tours, designed specifically for German learners.
The first tour this spring, guided by our awesome teacher Charlotte, will explore Berlin Hansaviertel, on Saturday April 23:
Was ist so speziell an diesem Ort?
Wer hat hier gewohnt?
Was ist hier passiert?
A product of Cold War rivalry, Hansaviertel reflects how the big ideas of the time impacted life in very real ways. 

🍰 The tour is aimed at novice - intermediate German learners (A2-B2). Afterwards we carry on the conversation over “Kaffee und Kuchen” in a local cafe.