“Lalia classes are without a doubt the most engaging, motivating, and enjoyable German language classes I have taken. I have been participating in intermediate to intermediate+ classes for several months. While our classes focus strongly on conversation skills and confidence, we are also supported to sharpen and expand our expressive repertoire and grammatical base with offers for home writing and reflection tasks, which are supported by helpful resources and encouraging feedback. During the sessions we have ample opportunities to interact in small groups and pairs where we benefit from our varied strengths and interests. Through carefully considered exercise materials, ranging from literature excerpts, to poetry, to newspaper articles, and films, the teacher has quite remarkably scaffolded us to begin to discuss and debate wide ranging social, political, historical and cultural topics that respect our agency, interests and intellects, as adult learners. I unequivocally recommend Laila sessions. They are motiving, stimulating and indeed inspiring!”
“The German classes at Lalia are really something quite special. The focus is on gaining confidence in speaking German, quite different to simply learning textbook German. I took classes with Friederike over the past few months and 100% recommend her approach to teaching. She genuinely cares about the users in her classes and gently supports and encourages you as your language skills develop. She chooses conversation topics that are relevant and useful rather than sticking to a standard curriculum. It's so empowering to feel that you can have a conversation about arts, culture and philosophy as well as manage meetings with your Steuerberater, even when you're still in the early stages of your German language journey! I really recommend these classes if you're looking for a more personalised, practical approach to becoming a confident, capable German speaker!“
“I learned German from Idan and Friederike for nine months. I went from being a complete beginner to being comfortable in conversational German during this time. As someone who has always considered himself “bad” at languages, this was phenomenal for me. On top of this, I managed to learn lots about German culture and what to expect before I arrived. Upon arriving in Germany, I felt confident to converse and use my German as much as possible. Soon afterwards with practice, I was able to find a job working exclusively in German in the Film Industry.“
I honestly cannot recommend Lalia enough. It is an amazing opportunity to truly learn German and start speaking in no time. Friederike is an incredible teacher: she corrects you only when it interferes with the meaning, allowing you to develop the courage and confidence required to learn a new language. The themes covered are truly relevant to daily life, and the methods foster a broad knowledge base, and a true sense of community among users. If you want to learn German, you shouldn't look any further. I recommend this course to everyone I know and am truly so grateful for this experience.
I've been learning German through the Lalia school for three months now, and in this time my German and confidence in using my German has skyrocketed. I've lived in Berlin for a few years and had always been nervous about making a serious attempt at learning the language - it has never been something I found easy. But I wish I had signed up for Lalia sooner. Small class sizes, friendly and helpful teachers and a relaxed atmosphere helped me to accelerate my learning more than I thought was possible. I work in English, so for me the focus was always to improve my day-to-day conversational German, so as not to be so ignorant in the real world outside of the immigrant bubble it is so easy to find yourself comfortable in. I'm really glad I discovered the course, because this is the exact aim of Lalia, and it's the perfect fit for me.