About us

In contrast to schools that draw on the traditional grammar approach to second language acquisition, LALIA offers live, communicative, student-centered classes. Rather than teaching you the grammar "rules" of German, we empower you to use the language, to express yourself, to converse with other people - in short: to do all the natural things you did to learn your first language.

Of course, we will also learn grammar, expand your vocabulary, and make sure your German would be better. All this, nevertheless, will be done pragmatically, realistically and with the goal of improving your oral proficiency, which is the basis for all linguistic progress. With the LALIA method you will get plenty of opportunities to speak while receiving corrective feedback when it is necessary and productive.

Try it. It works.

Friederike Knüpling,
Ph.D Stanford


Friederike has almost a decade of teaching experience in language, literary history and writing at LALIA Berlin, Stanford University, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, and Humboldt Universität of Berlin.
She holds a Ph.D in German Studies from Stanford University and has published about sports culture, gender and feminism, as well as everyday culture. She is thrilled about Berlin as a hub for multilingual, pluralistic discourse.

Idan Gillo, Ph.D Stanford


Idan holds a Ph.D in German Studies from Stanford University, where he taught German language and literature for seven years before he began teaching at LALIA Berlin and at Humboldt Universität of Berlin.

He has published articles about German literature, culture and history,
and is passionate about language learning and teaching.