Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen
 General Terms & Conditions

Binding Registration - Payment

By clicking the '>Buy' of the "PayPal" button, you make a binding booking for a bundle of language courses. Together with the confirmation issued by the language school LALIA Berlin, a legally binding service contract is in place. The contract results in the customer’s payment obligation and the obligation to provide lessons by the language school LALIA Berlin. Whether the customer de facto attends the language course, including the private course, is irrelevant for the effectiveness of the contract and the obligation to pay remains thus unaffected. It continues to exist in full even if the course is only partially attended. The language school LALIA Berlin does not guarantee the attainment of a certain level of proficiency according to the CEFR. It only guarantees that the courses will take place.

Creating an Account, Use of LALIA Services

In order to access certain features of the website, you will be required to register and create an account. By creating an account, you give permission to the language school LALIA Berlin to make use of the information gathered through the registration process for purposes necessary for the administration of the school, such as enrolling in a language class offered by LALIA Berlin, or scheduling a placement call upon your request, as well as relevant administrative and teacher communication regarding your classes at LALIA Berlin. Your right to access and use and the service provided applies to you personally. You are not entitled to transfer your account, or any of the contents provided on to any other person or entity. LALIA GbR owns the copyrights to the LALIA class materials provided to enrolled students. You may not publish, publicly display (e.g., post on the Internet), distribute, sublicense, modify, translate, or reproduce, any copyrighted materials without the prior written consent of LALIA GbR. By clicking the 'Submit' button, you agree to use the communication platform Zoom to participate in class. You also agree to receive, at the email provided in your user account, an invitation to access certain google docs relevant to your language class, and to be contacted via email with information about homework, class contents, and information relevant to future classes at LALIA Berlin. The language school LALIA Berlin is not responsible for data processing by Zoom Video Communications Inc. or Google LLC. In the context of LALIA Berlin language classes, no recordings of any Zoom meetings are permitted other than recordings done by the school for internal training or marketing purposes. Prior to any planned recordings, we will ask for your consent, and the software zoom will display a notification if a meeting is recorded.


A student has the right to defer their participation in a course up to 14 days before the first day of classes. In this case, no fee will be charged. The credit, which could be used for another course, will be returned to student. In case the student wants to cancel and be refunded instead of keeping the credit, a cancellation must be sent in writing per email to In this case a cancellation fee of 60 Euros will be charged. Once the cancellation period is over, it is no longer possible to withdraw from the contract or to postpone participation in the course. Once the first course of bundle begun, there is no possibility to cancel the rest of the bundle and receive a refund. If the course start date falls within the 14-day cancellation period, the right to cancellation cannot be exercised. The language school LALIA Berlin offers every participant the possibility to attend all booked lessons. However, the actual attendance is the responsibility of the customer. If individual or multiple lessons cannot be attended, the customer has no right to a pro rata refund, a cancellation, or to attend subsequent lessons which were not originally booked. If the minimum participant number of four participants per course is not reached, the language school LALIA Berlin reserves the right to postpone the course. The course can be postponed until the necessary participant number is reached. In the exception of payment by instalments having been agreed on for the language course, the instalments are to be paid on the agreed dates. Should the instalment payment fail to be made punctually, the agreement is no longer valid and the total amount is due from the time of the missed instalment. In the event of an agreed start time being postponed, each course participant will be notified and a new cancellation period of 10 days before the start of the course starts. If the participant does not withdraw from the course or postpone participation within this new cancellation period, no claims of the participants can arise from postponement of the course, in particular they may not withdraw from the contract. The course fee remains due as contractually agreed, and the refund of already paid course fees is not possible. If, due to force majeure, the lesson cannot take place, the customer is not entitled to reimbursement or replacement of lessons that have not taken place. 

General Terms & Conditions for private and company courses

 It is the customer’s responsibility to keep to the agreed dates. Missed and uncanceled appointments will be charged in full and deducted from the customer's booked quota. If an appointment is cancelled more than 24 hours before the scheduled start of the session, you will not be charged, and a new appointment can be organised. Please note that postponing or cancelling must be communicated appropriately, e.g. in writing or by telephone.

Special regulations in the event of a low number of participants

Special regulations in the event of a low number of participants If three or fewer participants are registered for a course, teaching time will be reduced from four to three lessons per week. No claims of the participants can arise from this, in particular, a reduction of the course price or a special right to termination are excluded.


Disclaimer The language school LALIA Berlin accepts no liability for damage, accidents or injuries to course participants in or on the way to lessons.

Technical requirements

Technical requirements For an optimal learning experience, each class participant needs a desktop computer or laptop. We do not recommend using a smartphone or other mobile equipment for this course. For best audio quality, we recommend using a headset with microphone. We ask all participants in class to turn on their webcam, if their internet connection allows, as it will enhance the learning quality of all participants in class.