What students say about
LALIA Berlin

"[...]I'd recommend anyone who's not very confident in German starting with LALIA"


"I have tried different schools when I first moved to Berlin...I noticed a huge improvement in my understanding and communication.
Since then I had this thinking that I don't want to join a regular classic class, I would love to find something that focus on speaking. Until I stumbled upon LALIA on Instagram and I saw their method which got me intrigued. And thank god I did. The thing is, for me LALIA not only focus on speaking but implicitly build your confidence.
After 9 courses, I found myself for the first time in situations when asked "What do you prefer, English or German?" answer with "Whichever is easier for you".
I enjoyed the learning curve, especially when you see yourself improve relatively fast and self-esteem boost in the cherry on top of the cake. My only regret is that I didn't know LALIA since I came or at least during covid."


"What I really enjoy about the LALIA method is the teaching material which comes from everyday life, and always up to date. Following course books at other language schools has been very boring for me and I didn’t feel like being prepared for everyday life matters. On the other hand Lalia always creatively brings in interesting and recent topics which help me to keep my attention on the lesson and which also feels more real. Reading or listening to news in German has become easier, so I feel more engaged with the societal and political structure, other than feeling like an alien all the time :). I can also understand better where my German friends are coming from. I’m so grateful!"


"I have been taking courses with Lalia for the past six months, and my German has improved so much since then! Honestly, I love the concept: lots of communication, small groups, one theme per week, relatively short lessons multiple times per week, super nice teachers, and great materials. I had tried some more "traditional" long evening grammar-heavy German classes before but dropped them after a few weeks. However, I have stayed engaged in Lalia for over six months now; this speaks for itself!"


"Before I started with LALIA I panicked every time I had to speak German. Their method helped me gain confidence, develop my vocabulary and express myself more easily. Teachers show patience and persistence to foster a classroom climate that promotes dialogue and learning. With LALIA you have the opportunity to learn in the company of pleasant classmates, excellent teachers, and interactive content. I would highly recommend LALIA to anyone who wants to see a rapid improvement in their German skills."


"I have tried a lot of courses since I came to Germany and LALIA is the best so far."


"My goal in enrolling with LALIA was to overcome my hesitation in speaking German, so I could use it in the real world.  After 4 weeks, I can say I really love it. LALIA delivers on its promise to help its students learn to speak German."
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"I made more progress in 3 months of taking LALIA's German classes than I have in the past 5 years of traditional lessons/courses and using quite a few language apps! I love LALIA's friendly teachers and supportive approach: no tests, no stress, no pressure. Even though I am still far from being fluent, it is the first time I have fun while learning German and feel confident conversing with German speakers. I highly recommend LALIA's method & team to anyone who wants to start speaking German fast."


"I can't recommend Lalia enough! I absolutely love the format which is immensely productive. Adding new words to my vocabulary was one of the main challenges that I faced before starting with Lalia. Therefore, most of my conversations in German language lacked depth as I didn't have the right words to express, which was frustrating. With Lalia's format, learning new words comes quite organically. This is just one example of how innovative their format is. We also learn adequate grammar so that we can communicate correctly and effectively. The teachers are super nice and give constructive feedback. In addition, the discussion format is as such that the students benefit a lot from each other's strengths. The group size is good enough to give each participant sufficient time to participate in the discussion or clear any doubt. The discussion topics are extremely relevant and impart a broad sense of not only the language but German culture and way of life. If you want to learn or improve your German language capabilities in the most effective manner, look no further. This is THE PLACE!"


"LALIA has no competitor: I tried several schools for learning German, and LALIA is simply the best. Instead of extenuating long classes, these short daily lessons focused on conversation are great at gradually introducing the German language in your routine. LALIA's method was particularly helpful for me because despite my good grammar knowledge, I struggled a lot speaking German and being confident. After a few classes, my German improved so much in such a short time, I quickly gained more confidence, and I even started thinking in German!"


"I took a few courses at LALIA, and it really helped me with my German. It allowed me to now work in German, and it opened many new horizons for me. Life is certainly easier, thanks to that."


"I really like my German lessons at LALIA because this course is the most effective one when it comes to improving speaking skills. LALIA fosters the confidence to speak German due to small study groups, speaking-focused lessons, and a friendly atmosphere. It feels like studying German with a group of friends who support each other and feel comfortable enough to make mistakes. The lessons are educational and effective without being overwhelming. I will definitely continue studying with LALIA!   "


"I honestly cannot recommend LALIA enough. It is an amazing opportunity to truly learn German and start speaking in no time. The themes covered are truly relevant to daily life, and the methods foster a broad knowledge base, and a true sense of community among users. If you want to learn German, you shouldn't look any further. I recommend this course to everyone I know and am truly so grateful for this experience."   


"I have tried a lot of courses since I came to Germany and LALIA is the best so far. With a really tailored approach, and focus on gaining confidence in speaking German, I was able to improve my language skills and talk with more ease. If you want to learn German I would highly recommend LALIA Berlin."


"While our classes focus strongly on conversation skills and confidence, we are also supported to sharpen and expand our expressive repertoire and grammatical base with offers for home writing and reflection tasks, which are supported by helpful resources and encouraging feedback. During the sessions we have ample opportunities to interact in small groups and pairs where we benefit from our varied strengths and interests. Through carefully considered exercise materials, ranging from literature excerpts, to poetry, to newspaper articles, and films, the teacher has quite remarkably scaffolded us to begin to discuss and debate wide ranging social, political, historical and cultural topics that respect our agency, interests and intellects, as adult learners. I unequivocally recommend LALIA sessions. They are motivating, stimulating and indeed inspiring!”


"After trying a few more traditional language schools, LALIA was recommended to me when I complained to a friend that though I was technically advanced, I lacked the confidence to verbally express myself in German. After three months in IH my German acquaintances have told me that I've made a massive improvement, and, equally importantly, I feel that I've improved too!"


"When people find out for how long I’m actually learning, they are always surprised and say I have really good German."


"I took classes with Friederike over the past few months and 100% recommend her approach to teaching. She genuinely cares about the students in her classes and gently supports and encourages you as your language skills develop. She chooses conversation topics that are relevant and useful rather than sticking to a standard curriculum. It's so empowering to feel that you can have a conversation about arts, culture and philosophy as well as manage meetings with your Steuerberater, even when you're still in the early stages of your German language journey! I really recommend these classes if you're looking for a more personalized, practical approach to becoming a confident, capable German speaker!“


"The classes are focused on enjoyable and engaging topics with a focus on speaking rather than nitpicking all the grammatical elements. My German has improved a lot in the last six months and I’m having fun along the way too. Couldn’t recommend them more highly"


"I've tried a few different approaches to learning German since I moved to Germany, such as weekly classes and private tutors. In my experience, LALIA is the most effective by far. Because the classes are small and meet several times a week for a short amount of time, you're able to practice and learn efficiently without getting overwhelmed—great for anyone who is also working and/or caring for kids. It's been the best use of my language-learning time and a very good value for money.
As a bonus, the sessions are fun and interesting, and I really enjoy the people I meet through the classes. Highly recommended!"


"I find the material we cover in class to be really relevant, and I have learned a lot about Germany as well as learning the language. Although I was apprehensive about online classes at first, it has been an excellent experience and is very convenient! I was positively surprised by how quickly everyone became comfortable participating in class, as this had not been my experience in traditional language classes, and this has really helped my learning. Thanks to the structure of the class and the great teachers, you also get to know your classmates on a personal level, and this makes the class even more fun! I cannot recommend LALIA enough for anyone interested in learning a new language and getting to know more about Germany!“ 


"On top of this, I managed to learn lots about German culture and what to expect before I arrived. Upon arriving in Germany, I felt confident to converse and use my German as much as possible. Soon afterwards with practice, I was able to find a job working exclusively in German in the Film Industry.“


"Prior to learning with LALIA, I had absolutely no previous experience with any other language school, nor with learning or speaking German. Learning German from a clean slate is undoubtedly an intimidating venture — but not with LALIA. I think that a major part of learning a new language is accepting that making mistakes is a natural part of the process, and I feel that LALIA excels at creating a safe and tolerant learning environment to make mistakes, learn from them and eventually grow an inner confidence that you can take with you and apply it in your daily life. Thanks to LALIA, 8 months later, I can confidently communicate with a german speaking customer service, easily order at restaurants and absolutely ditch resorting to speaking in English in most of my daily tasks.”


"Their goal is to empower the natural use of German. They focus very little on grammar rules (score!) and prioritise oral proficiency and conversation skills. [...]
"The big question – is it worth it? In my opinion? A big fat YES!"